Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Most Popular in the Series!

"The Lost Calendar of the Maya" is now the most popular book in The Martin Culver series of action thrillers by Malcom Massey.

"All I can say is wow!" a recent reviewer declared, and with good reason.

This novel is about so much more than just 2012! When former Cold War foes unite against new enemies in a country that has no loyalties to any party, the fireworks begin!

Check out "The Lost Calendar of the Maya" today, exclusively on!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Watch the Music Video Book Trailer!

Here is the Music Video Book Trailer video for "The Lost Calendar of the Maya"!

Watch it with your speakers cranked up!

After you watch it, go to Kindle or Nook to order your copy of "The Lost Calendar of the Maya".

By the author of "Holiday in Havana" and "The Lost Ark of the Incas", Malcom Massey.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

5 Reasons Why Readers Recommend This Book

Avid fans of my action adventure novel series have offered a variety of reasons for why they like my latest novel "The Lost Calendar of the Maya: The Return of Kukulkan". In case you have have not read it yet, here are the 5 top reasons readers recommend this book,listed  in no particular order.

1. 2012. This novel is set in the year 2012, and has as a backdrop the 2012 phenomenon regarding the Mayan calendar and the Mayan Prophecies. If you are curious about what 2012 is all about, this novel is a MUST READ!

2. Mexico. The setting for this movie is the Yucatan of Mexico. For readers who do not know the Yucatan, this book is a chance to get a feel for this area (where I lived for a year and a half while writing the book). For readers who already know the Yucatan, the book offers glimpses of places they are familiar with from their visits or from living there.

3. Intelligent female characters. Contrary to the genre of action adventure novels in general, this novel features intelligent, action-oriented female characters who often out-think the men. Two new female characters are introduced in this novel, who interact with two strong, established female characters already active in this novel series. The two new female characters have been well-received, although unfortunately, only one of them will be returning in future novels.

4. Well-researched. Little known facts about the Mayan calendar, other calendars worldwide, the Mayan Prophecies, other ancient cultures of Mexico, the Cold War space program, the CIA in Europe, archaeological observatories, the threat to Earth from comets and meteors past and present and...whew, the international antiquities black market funding of terrorist groups: it's all here.

5. Good Clean Reading. In an age when everything we read seems to be taken to the lowest level possible, the plot and characters of this novel and the others in The Martin Culver Series are driven by the values of friendship, family, doing the right thing, and the good guys still win. Mostly.

So if you have not read "The Lost Calendar of the Maya" yet, get it on Kindle or Nook today!  To preview the Book Trailer for "The Lost Calendar of the Maya" click here.

Then leave a comment to let other readers know what you liked about this novel!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

"The Astronomy of the Maya Calendar"

      A new feature has been added to the Author Meet and Greet event in Norfolk, VA.  

Based on the research that went into his latest novel "The Lost Calendar of the Maya", Local Author Malcom Massey will present a talk on "The Astronomy of the Maya Calendar" at 4:30 PM.  This event is free and open to the public, and will be held at the Mary D. Pretlow Library in Ocean View.

If you or your friends are interested in the Maya Calendar and the 2012 Mayan prophecies, you will not want to miss this informative event.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Now Available in Print!

"The Lost Calendar of the Maya: The Return of Kukulkan" is now available IN PRINT! I know so many of you have asked and been waiting patiently. Thank you for being such faithful fans!

The third novel in The Martin Culver Series Trilogy, "The Lost Calendar of the Maya: The Return of Kukulkan" is an action-packed adventure that propels the reader through its 342 pages like a comet streaking across the skies, challenging your all theories about 2012, the Mayan Prophecies, and the famed Mayan Calendar.

So get your copy of "The Lost Calendar of the Maya: The Return of Kukulkan" today, then strap yourself in for fast-paced ride that is the fiction novel equivalent of an adrenaline-pumping roller coaster that promises to leave you breathless.